Smoking Hot (says her husband … and now she thinks so too)

Mrs K came to see me for a boudoir session in Denver, Colorado to create a 13th anniversary present for her husband. When we first met, she said she thinks she’s pretty. Now she knows she’s smoking hot. Hair & Makeup by Brittany Will of BW Beauty

What She Said About Her Boudoir Photoshoot

I’m turning 40 in October and it’s our 13th anniversary coming up. I definitely wanted to do something like (a boudoir shoot) to celebrate both of these things.

I’ve never worn a bikini in my entire life. Ever. I’m not someone who is even nude in front of my husband. Doing something like this is so outside what’s normal for me. But I really wanted to try it.

I’ve had three children. I think I’m pretty and have a nice body, especially because I’ve had three children. But I don’t really think of myself as sexy.

The whole experience with Lynn was comfortable. I appreciated the meeting where we talked about what to wear, getting my nails done, stuff like that. The whole day of my shoot was fun. It felt different to be very girly and dress up, to get my makeup done. I don’t do that regularly.

At the reveal, I felt very happy when I saw my photos. I had been nervous about the stretch marks on my stomach (again, three babies), but I was very pleased with the retouching. Not too much. The pictures, they were beautiful and tastefully done, and complimentary to my personality.

I feel a new sense of confidence. It’s something all of us want. I felt like a model at my session, like a fantasy for my spouse. Lynn made that real.

I showed some of my girlfriends my photos on the mobile album app that I bought, and they were really surprised that I did a boudoir session. They said things like, “Oh my gosh, you are in amazing shape and so pretty.”

Then I texted my husband a photo and he texted back, “Smoking hot!” That felt so good.

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