The Boudoir Studio

You will love my comfortable & beautiful sets in my Denver boudoir studio. I've hand-picked every item to reflect a feminine, classic style you'd find in a high-end bed and breakfast. I photograph everyone on the bed, then we determine the other sets we'll use based on the style of photography you choose and what your outfits look like. I use every inch of my space, including the walls and the floor. 

I use natural light and strobe flash in my studio, depending on the sets and style of photography.

My studio is built in my residence. In fact, we bought our house specifically to transform the front half of the main floor into a private, quiet photography studio. My clients tell me they LOVE the warmth and comfort they feel because it feels like home. 

Just a note that I do not rent out my studio, so your photos will not look like other boudoir photographers' in the area.

Available Boudoir Sets

The Bedroom.  The No. 1 set I use. A beautifully layered queen bed with a full length mirror on one side and a lovely credenza on the other. I often shoot boudoir photos through the vintage chandelier. For "in the sheets" I sometimes move the bed in front of the bay window to change the look and the light. Natural light.

The Blue Room. Serene with vintage styling. A cream-and-wood couch under the window, with a colorful rug and a fireplace. I also shoot on a vintage chair placed in the corner next to the fireplace. Natural light.

The Window Ledge.  Where the arching poses happen! Flanked by white sheer curtains, I do an entire series of poses on the window ledge with most clients. Natural light.

The Flower Wall.  Dramatic, colorful set. I use two pieces of furniture in front of my stunning flower wall--an eggplant velvet couch and a green vintage chair--and also with no furniture at all. Strobe flash.

The Black Curtain.  Made for fine art bodyscape photography. A black velvet curtain that acts as a perfect backdrop for rim-lit and artistic poses that turn you into a work of art. Strobe flash.