Yes, I "Photoshop" your boudoir photos. Why?

My high-definition camera often picks up details in skin that are not apparent to the naked eye. When I shoot to let the light contour your body, shadows are emphasized, which can make things like wrinkles and cellulite look worse than they are.

I use a professional photo editor who specializes in boudoir retouching. I call her Magical Judy. She's retouched thousands of photos for me, so she understands my style and goals.

My goal: To use this powerful tool to make you look like a refreshed version of you ... but you'll still look like you. We do not take 10+ pounds off of you or 10+ years off of you. But you'll look absolutely fantastic.

I present unretouched photos at your reveal & ordering appointment so we can do it the same day as your session. But every photo you buy will have Magical Judy's touch.

If you decide you'd rather not have photos retouched, please let me know.

Standard retouching

  • Correct exposure, contrast, and white balance

  • Bruises, blemishes and scratches are removed completely

  • Stretch marks, spider veins, skin folds, rough skin texture, wrinkles, under-eye circles, and breast augmentation scars are softened, but may still be visible

  • Scars beyond breast augmentation can be removed if you wish

  • Smoothing the body line to soften or remove bulges created by lingerie and posing.


Extended Retouching is available for a $15 per image fee, paid at your ordering appointment. This includes tattoo removal, complete removal of tan lines, fake tan color correction, extensive body modification, and any editing not included in standard retouching.