What to Wear in Your Boudoir Photos

When women talk to me about doing a boudoir photo shoot in my Denver, Colorado photography studio, one of their first fears is this:

I have NO IDEA what to wear for at my boudoir session!

I know this feeling. Even though I've helped hundreds of women style their boudoir outfits, when it came to my own boudoir sessions I had a hard time figuring out what to wear. To end the struggle, I developed the What to Wear Video Chat.

What to Wear Video Chat

In this 45-minute video chat, we'll talk about how you can express your personality and style with what lingerie you wear ... or not in your boudoir photos. I believe that doing a boudoir photography session is the ultimate self-expression experience. I want you to have fun, to wear outfits that flatter your body & skin tone, and that ultimately let you play with showing off the woman you are, and the woman you fantasize about being. 

We start with a questionnaire to dig into your style, your favorite colors, and what type of sexy you want to be. I do a little Pinterest shopping for you, and then

3 Styles of Outfits to Choose From

I offer 3 types of photography: traditional lingerie boudoir photos, "in the sheets", and fine art nude bodyscapes. We shoot 3 looks, and you can do any mix of styles. Most women choose 2 lingerie outfits and either  "in the sheets" or bodyscapes at their first boudoir session.