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After 10 years of helping women bare their beauty to accept and love themselves as they are right now, I have closed my boudoir photography studio. Thank you to every one of the 712 women I've photographed over the years, to every person who helped me learn and grow and learn and grow some more, and to my friends and family for their support.

My recommendation for your boudoir photographer: The Beauty and Boudoir Studio

Please visit The Beauty and Boudoir Studio for an impeccable, supportive and fun boudoir experience. Lanett Franko is one of the best boudoir photographers in the United States, and she will take excellent care of you.

Fun, comfortable boudoir photo shoot for every woman

I'm an all-are-welcome Denver, Colorado boudoir photographer. My all-female team will help you ditch the BS stories you tell yourself about being "too much this" and "not enough that." Join us for a fun makeover & photoshoot to see how sexy, beautiful, powerful, and photogenic you are right now

I love working with women who are 35-65 who looking to see themselves in a new light. You might be facing a big birthday, be in transition in motherhood, be getting married (again?), or are just finally ready to accept who you are with a big dose of love. Or maybe, you're celebrating your relationship with your special person--let's do that too!

Whether you're doing a boudoir session as a gift or you're doing it for your own damn self, welcome.

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Mom. Wife. Self-Love Seeker. Get to know what I believe, why I do this, and what I love.


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I offer traditional boudoir photography in lingerie, "in the sheets", and fine art bodyscapes.


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Watch this Behind the Scenes video, which shows you exactly what it's like to do a boudoir photography session with me. And, experience what the session (and more) was like for Justine!